Flat User Interface Kit
License: WTFPL
File Type: PSD
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Author: Marijan Petrovski


About Flat User Interface Kit

Todays freebie is called Flato Lite, it is a flat user interface kit containing the essential elements needed in order to compose a user interface. After publishing so many flat design related freebies, it was only a matter of time before I had enough material in order to construct a flat user interface kit.

While making this flat user interface kit, I had only one condition, any font, glyph, or icon that I would use, it had to be free. The reason behind this is, I guess not many of you buy expensive fonts, or glyph collections. If I didn’t have that condition, and you wanted to use this kit as is, you would have been forced to make some compromises.

My first objective was to find a suitable alternative for Proxima Nova, after an extensive research I finally settled for Montserrat. Its a free font that is also part of the Google Fonts family, so this means it would be safe for web also.
For the headings I was also certain that I would use Proxima Nova Soft, a nice rounded font that would flow really well with the rest of the elements. Unfortunately Proxima Nova Soft is another expensive font. Initially as an alternative I considered Quicksand, since its very similar to Proxima Nova Soft and it is free, but then I settled for ASAP. It is not as rounded as the other two i mentioned, but it still flows very well with the rest of the user interface elements.