Flat Button Kit
License: Creative Commons
File Type: PSD
Tags: , ,
Author: Surjith SM


About Flat Button Kit

All things on the web are now flat. So this week, I’m sharing an interesting freebie. Cool Flat Buttons PSD. There are no websites without buttons, so You can use this freebie for your next Flat Web design Project. Carefully crafted to match it with Flat design.

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  • Shole93

    Are those the same like the download button ? 😀

  • Dreadlord

    The button kit looks amazing, great work there Surjith SM. And several different colors to fit with several different themes, skins or website designs. If I were to own a website or blog I’d definitely use these buttons. I bet that many people would too. :)

  • Jamie Dąbrowiecki

    Nice simple button set, really nice work. If I ever need some I’ll come here.